MilSpec Security Group

Providing professional armed and unarmed on-site officers, special event security personnel and property patrol service since 1995

Launched in 1995, Mil-Spec emerged as Lawrence’s largest private security agency, providing on site officers, property patrol services and money courier services. Mil-Spec’s initial concept elevated the demands and expectations of the local security market. Mil-Spec exploded as the local frontrunner by integrating the following principles; higher demands of officer employment standards, professionally uniformed and equipped patrol vehicles, professionally uniformed and equipped personnel and providing regularly scheduled law enforcement and legal authority training. Mil-Spec’s reputation as a high quality service has pushed our market beyond the city limits of Lawrence. Mil-Spec has provided service in Kansas; Lawrence, Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park, Baldwin City Topeka, and Perry-Lecompton – Missouri; Kansas City and Columbia – Nebraska; Lincoln. Mil-Spec was invited to become a member of the Better Business Bureau, due to this agency’s distinguished ethical business practices. Mil-Spec maintains current membership with the Better Business Bureau, serving Northeast Kansas. Mil-Spec has entertained numerous university student interviews and has been featured in the University Daily Kansan (December 2nd, 1999) and the Lawrence Journal World (May 22nd, 2000 & November 12th, 2005) newspapers for our innovative efforts in elevating the competency of private security.

Today, local budgets remain stretched well beyond their limits, private security has become indispensable in combating continued growth in criminal activity.  At Mil-Spec Security Group, we provide a a higher caliber, more competent and highly skilled level of private security service that is only rivaled by federal and state law enforcement.

Mil-Spec continues to push the expectations of the private security market. 2001 brought the addition of Olympic Iron Gym & Training Facility. Olympic Iron Gym & Training Facility was established by the proprietors of Mil-Spec Security Group. Mil-Spec uses Olympic Iron Gym to provide strength, fitness, law enforcement tactics and legal issues training for existing officers, while attracting suitable candidates for future employment.

Mil-Spec Security Group is proud to serve the Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City areas.

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