Setting a New Standard

in professional security services

through training, fitness and technology

Our security specialists, either armed or unarmed ensure a safe and secure environment for your event, business and homes. We  provide our staff the training and technology to provide a team that performs at the highest level in private security.

Mil-Spec Security Group

Security Consulting  | Security Training | Onsite and Mobile Security Services

Security Consulting

Advise clients on security needs and services including temporary or permanent digital video surveillance and video processing services. We will review the overall video security system for functionality, coverage and applicability. We will recommend improvements, enhancements and solutions for your needs.

Security Training

We have an ACCT (Agency Certified Certification Trainer) through the National Law Enforcement Training Center that can train and certify other security company’s and in house security staff. Certifications include uses of force CDT (Controlled Defense Tactics). This teaches Security personal when to act and what level of force is needed.

Onsite Security Services

On-site officer or officers stationed on the property. Standard duties un-locks and lock ups, answering calls, foot patrol all night and day, protection of property and will cater to other duties as directed by property Management.

Courtesy Patrol  / Mobile Patrol

We provide mobile patrol services for both commercial and residential properties including but not limited to the following:

  • Monitor exterior doors, windows, entrances, & automatic gates
  • Monitor late night employees to ensure their safety.
  • Checking for safety hazards in and around the property.
  • Lookout for vagrants, trespassers and removing them from the property.
  • Deterrence of criminal activity.
  • Identifying unauthorized vehicles in parking lots and having them ticketed and/or removed.
  • Locking & unlocking doors and entry ways at designated times.
  • Patrol Services may be combined with alarm response assistance for better protection.
The Mil-Spec Security Group Advantage

Positive First Impression
In the majority of businesses, who is the first representative that the public meets? The security officer. What does that say of your business if a less-than-average officer is meeting your guests and clientele? Mil-Spec prides itself on providing an officer who is highly trained, physically able, well groomed, educated and socially versed. The personnel, duty gear, uniforms and the vehicles they drive will always be of the highest quality. Company image and the public’s perception are paramount interests.

Quick Response & High Priority to Answer Complaint Calls
Your complaint calls are priority. As a client of Mil-Spec, all complaint calls will be answered quickly and with the greatest importance. Operating with three patrol vehicles enables a five-minute response time.

After Office Hours Convenience
Mil-Spec will provide “after office hours” convenience for your clientele or tenants. We are able to be on the property when you can not, any hour of the night, to extend the service of your office. Mil-Spec offers peace of mind knowing that someone is watching your property and caring for your staff, patrons and/or tenants.

Ability to act as an Agent, a Representative and a Responsible Party
Mil-Spec will act on your behalf with local fire and /or law enforcement agencies when emergencies arise during the late evening & early morning. We act as your agent. Our client’s concerns are our concerns. Mil-Spec will enforce the individual policies of our client, in our client’s absence.

At Mil-Spec we provide professional security for:

  • Government Facilities
  • Campus Security
  • Sporting Events
  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Retail
  • Residential (Multi-Family and Single-Family environments)
  • Public events (parades, parties, politics, etc.)